Our yachts are beautiful, travel through the most beautiful destinations, and all of our crewed charters are fun and relaxing! But, the Sotally Tober package is designed for those who want to take their fun to the next level.  Seven days and six nights on board one of our participating yachts which comes with an on board world class chef to prepare food and drinks on board!  This package includes stops at the Virgin Islands' most infamous drinking establishments as well as a complimentary copy of The Drinking Man's Guide to the BVI, which includes fun stories as well as coupons for discounted drinks!  At each bar we will pick up the first round just to get the party started!  Are you ready to experience the lifestyles of the Caribbean?


Willy T's

The iconic floating bar and restaurant, Willy T's, has attracted visitors from all over the world since it's opening in 1989.  The vessel which houses the bar is named after William T. Thornton, born in 1759 Jost Van Dyke, who gained fame as a result of his design for the United States' Capitol Building, which was approved by George Washington himself in 1793.  His architectural design of “grandeur, simplicity and convenience" earned him the honorary title of the first "Architect of the Capital."  The S.S. William Thornton began its commercial life as a Baltic trading vessel and upon retirement was relocated to the Bight on Norman's Island by Mick and Annie Gardner; where it has served up debauchery and drinks since 1989.  Due to popularity, and the inevitability of maritime deterioration, the original wooden Willy T's was replaced by a newer 100 foot steel shunner in 2010; but with the replacement came the additions of a larger seating, bar, and service areas as well as a second story deck --primary location for after-dark mischief.  No vacation to the BVI's is complete without stepping aboard Willy T's.

Painkillers at Soggy Dollar

The Soggy Dollar

Located on Jost Van Dyke-- named after the fearsome Dutch pirate of the same name-- this 8 mile volcanic island is home to the internationally renown Soggy Dollar Bar and their world famous "Painkiller Cocktail."  Opened in 1970 along the picturesque shores of White Bay, The Soggy Dollar remains a beacon of fun all year long.  The Soggy Dollar easrned its name as a result of patrons taking a short swim from their boats to reach the shore, leading to many visitors having wet and soggy currency!  Jost Van Dyke first was largelyy undeveloped in the 20th century but electrical power and paved roads arrived in the 1990's.  Change hapeens very slowly on the island, allowing Jost Van Dyke to remain largely unspoiled and an example of untouched beauty.  Come and see why the original Pirates of the Caribbean were so keen on this island!  Hang out on the beach, make an appearance on their 24/7 live stream webcam and enjoy one, two, or maybe three Pain Killers!


Pirate's Beach Bar

Norman's Island is most well known as being the inspiration to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Islandlargely in part to pirates historically hiding their booty in the copious amounts of caves.  The most well documented case of treasure comes from the 18th century account of the vessel Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe; the crew mutinied and buried 55 chests of silver and gold ashore Norman's Island.  Although most of the treasure was found by Tortolian residents and Lieutenant-General of the Leeward Islands, Gilbert Fleming, many still claim treasure still exists just waiting to be found.  The 610 acre island is privately owned, uninhabited, and features a plethora of hiking trails, world famous SCUBA and snorkeling spots, as well as a stunning beach on which "Pirates Beach Bar" is located.  Featuring renowned executive chef, Patrick Williams, his unique taste of  "Caribbean Fusion" keeps visitors coming back time after time for delectable dishes and drinks.  In addition to stellar dining, the building was designed by architect Lane Pettigrew, and is described by Architectural Digest as “the Caribbean’s architect laureate,” Pirate's Bight Restaurant and Bar is a must see in the BVI.

Last Resort

Located within the Trellis Bay centre on the sleepy island of Bellamy Cay, Last Resort Bar and Restaurant was founded in 1972.  Bellamy Cay gained its name after the infamous "Prince of Pirates" Samuel Bellamy, who used the island as his base of operations from 1715 to 1717 largely due to the 12-15 foot draft of the Trellis Bay which provided protection to Bellamy's fleet during bad weather.  Until the 20th Century, Bellamy Island, remained uninhabited until it was bought by Władysław (Wladek) Wagner, Europe's "First Polish yachtsmen" who built a boatyard, marine railway, and many of the buildings you can still see today.  The Last Resort Bar and Restaurant was opened by adventurer Tony Snell who prior to his arrival in the BVIs had lived a life of peril and adventure.  During WW2 Snell had been shot down and captured by Axis forces, both times escaping from imprisonment with the help of beautiful women, a real life James Bond.  After returning back to the States, Snell experienced success in both music and film.  Leaving for Jost Van Dyke in the 1970's, he and his family stumbled upon Bellamy Cay and decided to take up residence upon finding the remnants of Wagner's structures.  He moved his business to the Bellamy Cay and began The Last Resort which has been greeted by ongoing success largely due to their spectacular food and fantastic live performances by local musicians.

Michael Beans

Leverick Bay

Nestled within the beautiful "North Sound" of Virgin Gorda, the third largest island of the BVIs, Leverick Bay Restaurant and Marina features beautiful views, a sandy beach, and an enticing pool.  Sensational steaks as wells as scrumptious drinks are just a precursor to the excitement of Michael "Bean" Gardner's "Happy 'Arr," a riveting two hour production which turns a happy hour into a pirate party, complete with jokes, costumes, stories, songs, and even a conch blowing contest to bring out the pirate in us all!

The Bitter End Yacht Club


Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda once served as an anchoring for pirates Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins, who used the Bay as a means of shelter and a place to plan bold raids on unsuspecting vessels. The Bitter End, a small pub with five rustic cottages which had been built by eccentric adventurer Basil Symonette; owner and pioneer Virgin Island yachtsman, son of Bahamian Governor, Roland Theodore Symonette.  The Pub was originally meant to house charter captains and adventurous sailors, when Basil was feeling sociable he would encourage boats wanting to come ashore to sound their airhorn and he would use a megaphone to tell prospective patrons to come ashore and enjoy a meal.  Robin Lee Graham, teenage circumnavigator and author of Dove, wrote "Some people here at a place called The Bitter End are building a resort. They have found a really lovely spot and they've hauled in all the material they need.” In the summer of 1964 the Hokins family visited the BVIs aboard a 24' sportsfisherman and was astounded by the charming and remote bay.  By the 1970's the family had visited the area extensively and offered to purchase or lease an acre of land from Symonette to build a cottage for themselves.  Symonette rejected the proposal, but instead offered to sell the Hokins the entire resort.  Thrilled with the prospect of being able to share their family's love of the islands, the Hoykins jumped head first into creating a welcoming and beautiful resort.  Architect Peter Brill was hired to help design and build breezy cottages and buildings and adopted the importance of self-sustainability that is still seen today by the use of solar panels, rain collection, generators, and irrigation of the surrounding landscape by grey waste shower water.  The resort is celebrated for its world class watersports amenities as well as stunning natural surroundings, it is no wonder that many people who come to visit leave enchanted and only yearning for more

Cane Garden Bay on Tortola

The beat never stops in Cane Garden Bay, the picturesque bay provides a bustling night life, restaurants, and a beautiful beach to visitors.  Myett's and Rhymer's are both must see stops which have been a staple of Tortola for over 20 years.  Rum maintains a prominent position in Caribbean culture; The Callwood Distillery, known for their Arundel Cane Rum, founded in 1600 provides guided tours and tastings to guests who want to see the process of rum distilling.  Unlike many distilleries which now use molasses, Callwood's still uses the original ingredient of raw sugar cane.

Abi Beach Bar

A great bar and newer addition to the St. Thomas nightlife in Charlotte Amalie, visitors can expect to hear live music, taste great food, and savor delicious libations.

Latitude 18

A waterfront view, live music, and Americana food; Latitude 18 in Red Hook, St. Thomas knows how to serve up a savory and strong drink.  Open all day, this spot is a great spot to dine before or after your private charter!


Found on Jost Van Dyke, a small island of merely 3.5 miles and 300 full time residents-- but do not be dismissive of its size; Jost Van Dyke has been home to Arawak Indians, Caribs, Dutch, Africans and English!  Today, Jost is an internationally sought destination and Foxy's Tamarind bar is always hosting a lively party!  The vibrant bar is a great destination for holiday parties such as Halloween, St. Patty's, Christmas, New Years,and so forth.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar, Jost Van Dyke

Ivan's Stress Free Bar

Another local gem on Jost Van Dyke is the campground and bar, which really is stress free.  Featuring a real life "honor bar" with the slogan "if you can make it you can drink it, keep you own tab!"  If beautiful beaches with white sand and weekly mouth-watering barbecues sounds heavenly, pull up and stay for an hour--or a day-- and melt your cares away!

Cow Wreck Beach

Arguably the best beach of the BVIs, Cow Wreck Beach's amazingly clear waters and sandy beach are both memorable and enchanting.  Situated on the Northern most island of the BVI's, Anegada is the only Coral island in the volcanic chain of the Virgin Islands.  Cow Wreck Beach's Restaurant offers the best conch fritters in the BVIs and specializes in seafood and even more desirably, lobster!

Pusser's Marina Cay

Tucked away inside of a beautiful protected lagoon, the safe warm waters offer stunning views of coral and sea life as well as a worry free environment for watersports. The award- winning restaurant serves up seafood delicacies as well as other Caribbean cuisines.  Pusser Cay was home to the true romance of Robb and Rodie White who settled the island amidst the Great Depression in 1937 to build their own Shangri-La; the house they built still stand atop the summit of the small island and has been fully restored for visitors to enjoy.  The young couple survived off of the sea and the house they had built, cistern included, and a 13 foot sailboat for transportation for three years until 1940.  Duuring this time the adventurous couple endured a hurricane, fended off a randy Nazi skipper, aided Jewish refugees, and survived a surprise visit from White’s mother-in-lawRobb was a struggling author during his stay on the cay, his experiences would inspire him to write In Privateer’s Bay (1939), Our Virgin Island (1953), and Two on the Isle (1985) the later would become a film starring Sydney Poitier.  When WW2 broke out in Europe Robb was called to active duty and served as a pilot.  After the War Robb and Rodie parted ways and neither ever returned to the Cay.  Upon returning after the war and seeing his wife he wrote "...she smelled like Marina Cay and sounded like Marina Cay and made me think-but only for a little while-about the Marina Cay that had been, and never could be again."


Hog Heaven

Boasting some of the best BBQ, friendliest staff, and  breath taking views of Virgin Islands.


Saba Rock

An island only the size of an acre and a half within the North Sound of Virgin Gorda; the picturesque bar includes an over the water restaurant and lounge.  Opened in 1999 and designed by BVI architect Paul Wattley, Saba Rock offers both a lounge and dinner menu, this respected establishment has been featured in several magazines: Virgin Islands Property & Yacht, HiLuxury, and U.S. Airways.  Prior to being a dining establishment the island had been privately owned by BVI legend, "The Last Pirate of the Caribbean", Bert Kilbride.  If you enjoy wildlife Saba Rock offers Tarpon feeding--always fun to watch these huge fish!

Big Bamboo

Situated right on the white shoals of Loblolly Bay, Anegada, Big Bamboo is grilling up the sweetest fresh caught lobster daily!  Originally named the Vibration Goove center in the 1970's, the building was renamed Big Bamboo after a Mighty Sparrow song under the management of Aubrey and Diana Levons. The couple has worked with dedication to increases Anegada's tourism and plans future growth to their establishment.

B-Line Beach Bar, Jost Van Dyke

B Line Bar

Opened in 2014 on the small island of Little Jost Van Dyke, B-Line has been creating quite the buzz ever since!  Serving specialty drinks every day and grilling food on the weekends; come dip your toes in the sand and put a cold drink in your hand!