Sailing the Windward Islands: Catch the trade winds in your sails and heighten your senses

Windward Islands: Catch the trade winds in your sails and heighten your senses

Windward Islands

If you’re considering choosing the Windward Islands as your sailing charter destination this year, you’re making a great choice and here’s why everyone should create the opportunity to experience a sailing charter in the Windward Islands. Regardless of which Caribbean holiday experience you have in mind, you’ll find it here!

The Windward islands are situated on the eastern edge of the Caribbean sea. Creating a divide between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The group of islands include; Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada.

Each island has its own unique makeup of characteristics and culture. Offering something different for everyone to enjoy and this is why the Windward Islands makes for an ideal sailing destination. From the pure sophistication of Martinique offering quaint fishing villages, hot springs and diverse culture and cuisine. To the live volcanoes, waterfalls and tropical rain forests of St Lucia. The absolutely stunning Tobago Cays of the Grenadines where you can enjoy the perfectly white sandy beaches, coconut palm trees and great snorkelling reefs to explore. The private and secluded islands and bays including the beautiful and picturesque Mustique and Canouan – voted as some of the best beaches around the world. Not forgetting the all-spice plantations and colourful scenery of Grenada – and that’s just to name a few wonders of the Windward Islands!

A sailing charter in the Windwards offers diverse sailing conditions. The choice is yours as to where you begin and end your sailing charter adventure which can make your charter vacation as laid back or as challenging as you wish. Easterly trade winds across the Windward Islands vary from ten to twelve knots making it one of the top sailing destinations in the world.

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Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Honeymoon Yacht Charters

What better way to spend your honeymoon than on a luxury, private yacht charter in a beautiful and exotic charter destination?

Your wedding fairytale does not need to come to a close just because you have already enjoyed your wedding day. We believe that your honeymoon holiday should be tailored to your requirements and made to be just as special and memorable as your wedding day, exceeding your every expectation.

A honeymoon yacht charter is the perfect option for newlywed couples who are keen to spend a truly relaxing and romantic experience together whilst lapping up the luxuries and all of the added extras that comes with a private honeymoon yacht vacation.

You will certainly be pampered by your professional and attentive yacht crew with extra special treatment for your honeymoon celebration. Creating lifetime memories along the way that you’ll never forget whilst cruising from island to island, walking hand in hand along some of the most stunning beaches worldwide, enjoying romantic sundowner cocktails together, candlelit seaside restaurant dinners, nighttime stargazing from the comfort of your yacht and snorkelling side by side amongst a variety of breathtaking marine life – honeymoon vacations do not get much better than this!

With an array of romantic and private honeymoon destinations and yacht choices at your fingertips, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Caribbean Sailing Vacations will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you set sail on the perfect charter yacht in the perfect vacation destination according to your needs and desires for your honeymoon charter adventure.

You can refer to our ‘crewed, bareboat, captain only or cabin charter’ blog for an initial guide and find out which charter suits your requirements best or just contact Caribbean Sailing Vacations today to start planning your unforgettable honeymoon yacht charter experience.

Top tips for your first sailing charter vacation

Top tips for your first sailing charter vacation

Here at Caribbean Sailing Vacations, our ultimate goal is to provide you with an unforgettable, adventurous yet luxury sailing charter vacation of a lifetime. We strive to pin down your expectations, needs and wants from your dream vacation. We then pull all of the pieces together so that you can build those unforgettable memories with friends and family whilst cruising out on the open ocean listening to the sounds of the sea, island-hopping and exploring local treasures, tantalizing your tastebuds with local delicacies and soaking up the sun on some of the most stunning beaches in the world – life doesn’t get much better than this!

Select your crew

To get us started, choosing the right ‘crew’ for your sailing charter holiday is an essential piece of the puzzle that you need to get right if this is your first sailing charter holiday. You should ensure that the dynamics of your group fit well together. Chartering with close friends and family is an ideal start if this is your first time.

Select your yacht

When it comes to the right choice of charter yacht, it is important to consider the requirements of all members of your crew. Consider factors such as; comfort, level of sailing skills required (if you’ve chosen a bareboat charter), preferred charter region, local weather and budget. If your group contains those who will be embarking on their first sailing trip, we’d advise to start off with a catamaran as your charter option. Catamarans provide a lot more space onboard in comparison to a monohull and the multi-hull structure of the boat allows for much more stability. So if the preference is to have more interior and exterior space and utilise the choice of social areas on deck, then a catamaran may just be the right choice for you.

Make the most if your sailing vacation

Put down your phone! We all rely on our phones to ensure we stay connected, however, this is your prime opportunity to disconnect so try to do so as much as you possibly can. Absorb the breathtaking views, explore your surroundings and most of all, create those once in a lifetime memories with your fellow travellers.

Packing tips

Pack like a pro! Most of us tend to pack much more than necessary when preparing for our vacations but it is essential to keep in mind that space is limited on a sailing yacht and you’ll no doubt be spending most of your time in light clothing when you’re not in swimwear! Another tip is to stick to soft-sided luggage bags and these will store more easily onboard. Please refer to our ‘what to pack for your sailing charter’ blog for extra guidance. For more information refer to our CSV blog 16 Things To Pack For A Sailing Charter

Sunscreen awareness

Let’s be honest here, returning home with a great healthy-looking suntan glow makes us all feel great, Over time, our skin becomes acclimatized to a certain strength of sun that we are used to in our normal environments. It is essential to ensure that your skin remains protected throughout your yacht charter vacation – the Caribbean sun can be especially powerful. To enable marine life to continue to flourish, please stick to those brands that do not contain oxybenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate which are three UV blocking chemicals that are found in most main-stream lotions which can damage our coral reefs and try to avoid tanning oil too.

For further guidance, you can refer to our ‘Eco-friendly sailing’ blog.

We hope this blog provides you with enough information to get started with your sailing charter vacation planning. If you require any personalised information or direction with planning, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can start planning your sailing trip of a lifetime together!

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Eco-Friendly Sailing

Catamaran Stand by One Gallery

Aboard your own private yacht charter, you are closely connected with nature at all times and this is one of the main reasons why we absolutely love sailing on the ocean. Whether you are on a bareboat charter vacation or a luxury crewed yacht charter vacation, you are always able to ‘do your bit’ for the surrounding areas and ensure that you remain mindful of keeping your sailing adventure holiday as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible in order to to preserve such a unique sailing experience for generations to come.



On June 25th, lawmakers in the U.S. Virgin Islands voted to ban common chemical sunscreen ingredients that can damage our beautiful coral reefs. This targets oxybenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate, three UV-blocking chemicals found in most mainstream commercial sunscreen products. Please make sure you stick to protecting our coral reefs and the ocean in general by using non-harmful products. Regardless of which sailing destination you have chosen to explore on your yacht charter holiday.

Avoid using tanning oils as it reduces photosynthesis which is essential for marine life and forms a layer on the ocean’s surface.


Waste management and selective sorting recycling

Our Luxury all inclusive crewed charters have these precautions set in place already and your crew will take care of these measurements so as you don’t have to. However, if you have opted for a bareboat charter this time around, here are a few tips to help you along the way to sort your waste management.

Whilst provisioning, opt for recyclable and reusable containers (glass, canned goods and cardboard) and when possible, opt for loose rather than pre-packaged products.

Onboard, just like at home, it is easy to sort your waste selectively. Back in the marina, dispose of your waste in the appropriate containers and comply with local disposal procedures.

Take reusable water bottles with you! This is the easiest eco-friendly measure that you can take.


Game fishing in the Caribbean is exciting and fun, but there is a big difference in the kind of fishing one can do from a sport-fishing boat and the kind of fishing that can be enjoyed aboard a sailing yacht charter.
While crewed yacht charters offer a wide range of amenities and water sports for their guests to enjoy, unless you are chartering a large motor yacht that uses a 25 foot power boat as a water sports tender the sort of game fishing you are envisioning may not be available on board.

A responsible fisherman will stick to the following rules; Avoid catching species whose stocks are overexploited, focus on sustainable fishing and rule-out the consumption of deep-sea species.
To fish in the BVI (where the majority of a Caribbean yacht charter’s itinerary takes place) a BVI fishing license is required and spear-fishing is illegal as well as the taking of any lobster or conch.

Energy Consumption

To keep energy consumption down aboard your private yacht charter you can follow these simple steps; only use the air conditioning when it is really hot, turn off lights when you are not using the interior spaces and use dockside electricity supplies when possible to avoid having the generator running constantly.
Mooring and Anchoring
Use mooring buoys wherever possible and make sure you favour deep water with sandy bottoms or mud at all times and avoid sensitive ecosystems. Be sure to use sufficient chain length and always raise the anchor from directly above.
Refuel your boat in the mornings when the fuel is dense and cold, this moderately minimises spray and steam.

Heads and Chemical control

Whilst in the marina, try to use the dockside facilities that are available and throughout your entire sailing charter vacation use biodegradable detergents for heads, showers, dishes and cleaning in general. Lastly, when at sea, never discharge your black water tank in sensitive areas such as; protected marine areas, bathing and mooring areas and waters with limited renewal.

Use your sail!

If you have chosen a sailboat charter adventure as your vacation option, try to utilise your sail when you can. Nothing beats the quiet, stillness and serenity of having the sail up without the engine running and gliding through the wind on natural power. You might even get a better chance of taking in the views!

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Why Charter A Private Yacht In The Caribbean?

So maybe you’re an avid sailor, maybe you’re the adventurous type and tired of your usual vacation option or just maybe, you’d like to experience a luxury yacht vacation whereby you make the most of exploring the Caribbean islands, whilst eating delicious, fresh, local cuisine, sipping on a cocktail and catching some sun-rays! Hold back on settling for a Caribbean hotel deal as Caribbean Sailing Vacations are here to explain why EVERYONE needs to experience a luxury sailing trip and build the memories of a lifetime with the people you love! The Caribbean is a glorious vacation destination offering vibrancy, luxury, beautiful scenery and a spectacular array of culinary delights.

Specifically, the British Virgin Islands boasts steady trade winds, calm currents, protected bays and line of sight navigation which makes the BVI the sailing capital of the world! Throughout the BVI you’ll find sheltered harbours, stunning beaches with crystal clear water, perfect white sand, fresh seafood and a variety of awesome diving and snorkelling spots (to name only a few). There is never a dull moment around the islands and you can experience all of this plus more aboard your very own private

Caribbean Sailing Vacations will cater to your every need, go above and beyond to ensure that you and your fellow travelers gain the most out of your experience and charter on the most suitable yacht according to your wishes, requests, likes and dislikes – customising everything from menus to itineraries to suit you best. You will experience the sailing life-style whilst lapping up the luxury of a charter vacation. Our yachts offer a five star experience on water and your crew will ensure that you are always comfortable and enjoying your sailing vacation package just the way you intend to. So, what are you waiting for?

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16 Things To Pack For A Sailing Charter

Sailing Charter: What to pack?

It’s time to get excited! You and your crew are about to embark on a sailing holiday that is set to be a trip of a lifetime! When traveling, most of us tend to pack more than absolutely necessary and prefer to have too much rather than too little, however, bear in mind that space is limited on your private yacht. Whether you have chosen a bareboat sailing charter, luxury crewed sailboat charter or a cabin charter, here are a few essentials to get you through the preparation stage and to help maximise your comfort onboard! You’ll be spending the majority of your time in light clothes such as t-shirts and shorts (when you’re not in swimwear) so pack lightly and bring more than one bathing suit – you’ll spend most of your time in swimwear! We also recommend that you pack a long-sleeved cardigan/sweater to see you through the evenings as it can get chilly after sunset, especially out on the water and you’ll need these for those stargazing nights on deck! Hard-soled shoes are forbidden on deck, bring a pair of soft white-soled shoes, flip-flops and maybe even a pair of comfortable walking shoes for exploring the islands on land.

  1. Soft-sided luggage or duffel type bags instead of hard suitcases.
  2. Passport
  3. Medication bag/Toiletries
  4. Flip-flops/white-soled shoes/walking shoes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Hat
  8. Sunscreen/aftersun/insect repellent
  9. Small daypack for onshore adventures
  10. Breathable raincoat
  11. Camera
  12. Chargers for all of your electronics
  13. A great book!
  14. Long-sleeved cardigans/sweaters
  15. Credit/debit cards (you will need cash to pay any taxi fares and your crews gratuity)
  16. Earplugs

Caribbean Sailing Vacations look forward to welcoming you. Contact Us for details.

onboard your very own private yacht, see you soon!

What Type Of Charter To Be Booked For Your Next Caribbean Sailing Vacation?

Crewed, Bareboat, Captain-only or Cabin Sailing Charter?

Are you torn between the idea of booking a luxury crewed sailboat charter, bareboat charter, captain-only or cabin charter? Maybe you’re unsure of which type of sailing trip will suit you and your fellow travelers most Caribbean Sailing Vacations are here to provide you with a little more information which will be sure to help guide you in the right direction of making the right choice to maximise your sailing charter vacation

Crewed Charter

A crewed sailing charter vacation is the most luxurious and comfortable way of exploring your chosen destination. Our professional, experienced yacht crew are full of charisma and here to ensure that you experience the sailing trip of a lifetime whilst taking care of all responsibilities onboard your private
yacht. Overseeing every aspect of your trip from sailing, navigation, provisioning, food and beverage preparation, cleaning, refueling, mooring, docking, plus loads more! Your yacht crew will work extremely hard and around the clock to meet your expectations. Offering a variety of water-sports equipment onboard – there will never be a dull moment! As with a captain only charter, a luxury crewed sailing charter presents you with
the opportunity to learn about sailing at your own pace and you also have the added advantage of customising your sailing itinerary whilst making the most of your crew’s valuable knowledge of the destination. Your crew sleeps within separate crew quarters of the yacht ensuring all guests (and crew!) maintain privacy and space.

Captain only Charter

A captain only charter eliminates the need of you having a previous sailing experience like a bareboat charter would and allows you the freedom to cook meals for yourselves unlike a crewed charter option. Your captain will be more than happy to ‘show you the ropes’ during your trip if you’re keen to learn about sailing, providing you with the advantage of having an experienced professional onboard who will share their valid knowledge of the local destination and the surrounding sailing hot spots! Your captain takes care of all things sailing which allows you free time to focus on other things such as relaxing and having a good time! Caribbean Sailing Vacations provides charter captains not only based on their experience and professionalism but those that possess first class social skills and an abundance of local knowledge too!

Bareboat Charter

Avid sailors, experienced sailors, you call all the shots whilst out on the water. A bareboat charter provides you with the opportunity to captain your own private yacht and in terms of privacy, it doesn’t get more private than this – just you, your fellow travelers and the beautiful scenery! You will be in full control of customising your sailing itinerary (with guidance from Caribbean Sailing Vacations of course), sailing the yacht, navigational charting, mooring, docking, food and beverage preparation, cleaning and refueling. The responsibilities that
come with a bareboat charter can keep your hands full from time to time, you need to be willing to get stuck in and fully embrace the sailing adventure.

Cabin Charter

The cabin charter option is the most sociable charter option if you’re keen to share your experience with other like-minded couples or individuals. We strategically place our guests with other guests who share similar preferences and expectations. A cabin charter is an excellent option if you want to experience a
sailing trip but do not have a big enough group to occupy a yacht or if you prefer to share your experience with others and most likely make friends along the way. Just like a luxury crewed charter option, your crew of a captain and chef/stew onboard, will take care of all aspects of your trip, from sailing to food and beverage preparation amongst much more, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.