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Aboard your own private yacht charter, you are closely connected with nature at all times and this is one of the main reasons why we absolutely love sailing on the ocean. Whether you are on a bareboat charter vacation or a luxury crewed yacht charter vacation, you are always able to ‘do your bit’ for the surrounding areas and ensure that you remain mindful of keeping your sailing adventure holiday as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible in order to to preserve such a unique sailing experience for generations to come.



On June 25th, lawmakers in the U.S. Virgin Islands voted to ban common chemical sunscreen ingredients that can damage our beautiful coral reefs. This targets oxybenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate, three UV-blocking chemicals found in most mainstream commercial sunscreen products. Please make sure you stick to protecting our coral reefs and the ocean in general by using non-harmful products. Regardless of which sailing destination you have chosen to explore on your yacht charter holiday.

Avoid using tanning oils as it reduces photosynthesis which is essential for marine life and forms a layer on the ocean’s surface.


Waste management and selective sorting recycling

Our Luxury all inclusive crewed charters have these precautions set in place already and your crew will take care of these measurements so as you don’t have to. However, if you have opted for a bareboat charter this time around, here are a few tips to help you along the way to sort your waste management.

Whilst provisioning, opt for recyclable and reusable containers (glass, canned goods and cardboard) and when possible, opt for loose rather than pre-packaged products.

Onboard, just like at home, it is easy to sort your waste selectively. Back in the marina, dispose of your waste in the appropriate containers and comply with local disposal procedures.

Take reusable water bottles with you! This is the easiest eco-friendly measure that you can take.


Game fishing in the Caribbean is exciting and fun, but there is a big difference in the kind of fishing one can do from a sport-fishing boat and the kind of fishing that can be enjoyed aboard a sailing yacht charter.
While crewed yacht charters offer a wide range of amenities and water sports for their guests to enjoy, unless you are chartering a large motor yacht that uses a 25 foot power boat as a water sports tender the sort of game fishing you are envisioning may not be available on board.

A responsible fisherman will stick to the following rules; Avoid catching species whose stocks are overexploited, focus on sustainable fishing and rule-out the consumption of deep-sea species.
To fish in the BVI (where the majority of a Caribbean yacht charter’s itinerary takes place) a BVI fishing license is required and spear-fishing is illegal as well as the taking of any lobster or conch.

Energy Consumption

To keep energy consumption down aboard your private yacht charter you can follow these simple steps; only use the air conditioning when it is really hot, turn off lights when you are not using the interior spaces and use dockside electricity supplies when possible to avoid having the generator running constantly.
Mooring and Anchoring
Use mooring buoys wherever possible and make sure you favour deep water with sandy bottoms or mud at all times and avoid sensitive ecosystems. Be sure to use sufficient chain length and always raise the anchor from directly above.
Refuel your boat in the mornings when the fuel is dense and cold, this moderately minimises spray and steam.

Heads and Chemical control

Whilst in the marina, try to use the dockside facilities that are available and throughout your entire sailing charter vacation use biodegradable detergents for heads, showers, dishes and cleaning in general. Lastly, when at sea, never discharge your black water tank in sensitive areas such as; protected marine areas, bathing and mooring areas and waters with limited renewal.

Use your sail!

If you have chosen a sailboat charter adventure as your vacation option, try to utilise your sail when you can. Nothing beats the quiet, stillness and serenity of having the sail up without the engine running and gliding through the wind on natural power. You might even get a better chance of taking in the views!

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