Top tips for your first sailing charter vacation

Top tips for your first sailing charter vacation

Here at Caribbean Sailing Vacations, our ultimate goal is to provide you with an unforgettable, adventurous yet luxury sailing charter vacation of a lifetime. We strive to pin down your expectations, needs and wants from your dream vacation. We then pull all of the pieces together so that you can build those unforgettable memories with friends and family whilst cruising out on the open ocean listening to the sounds of the sea, island-hopping and exploring local treasures, tantalizing your tastebuds with local delicacies and soaking up the sun on some of the most stunning beaches in the world – life doesn’t get much better than this!

Select your crew

To get us started, choosing the right ‘crew’ for your sailing charter holiday is an essential piece of the puzzle that you need to get right if this is your first sailing charter holiday. You should ensure that the dynamics of your group fit well together. Chartering with close friends and family is an ideal start if this is your first time.

Select your yacht

When it comes to the right choice of charter yacht, it is important to consider the requirements of all members of your crew. Consider factors such as; comfort, level of sailing skills required (if you’ve chosen a bareboat charter), preferred charter region, local weather and budget. If your group contains those who will be embarking on their first sailing trip, we’d advise to start off with a catamaran as your charter option. Catamarans provide a lot more space onboard in comparison to a monohull and the multi-hull structure of the boat allows for much more stability. So if the preference is to have more interior and exterior space and utilise the choice of social areas on deck, then a catamaran may just be the right choice for you.

Make the most if your sailing vacation

Put down your phone! We all rely on our phones to ensure we stay connected, however, this is your prime opportunity to disconnect so try to do so as much as you possibly can. Absorb the breathtaking views, explore your surroundings and most of all, create those once in a lifetime memories with your fellow travellers.

Packing tips

Pack like a pro! Most of us tend to pack much more than necessary when preparing for our vacations but it is essential to keep in mind that space is limited on a sailing yacht and you’ll no doubt be spending most of your time in light clothing when you’re not in swimwear! Another tip is to stick to soft-sided luggage bags and these will store more easily onboard. Please refer to our ‘what to pack for your sailing charter’ blog for extra guidance. For more information refer to our CSV blog 16 Things To Pack For A Sailing Charter

Sunscreen awareness

Let’s be honest here, returning home with a great healthy-looking suntan glow makes us all feel great, Over time, our skin becomes acclimatized to a certain strength of sun that we are used to in our normal environments. It is essential to ensure that your skin remains protected throughout your yacht charter vacation – the Caribbean sun can be especially powerful. To enable marine life to continue to flourish, please stick to those brands that do not contain oxybenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate which are three UV blocking chemicals that are found in most main-stream lotions which can damage our coral reefs and try to avoid tanning oil too.

For further guidance, you can refer to our ‘Eco-friendly sailing’ blog.

We hope this blog provides you with enough information to get started with your sailing charter vacation planning. If you require any personalised information or direction with planning, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can start planning your sailing trip of a lifetime together!

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