What Type Of Charter To Be Booked For Your Next Caribbean Sailing Vacation?

Crewed, Bareboat, Captain-only or Cabin Sailing Charter?

Are you torn between the idea of booking a luxury crewed sailboat charter, bareboat charter, captain-only or cabin charter? Maybe you’re unsure of which type of sailing trip will suit you and your fellow travelers most Caribbean Sailing Vacations are here to provide you with a little more information which will be sure to help guide you in the right direction of making the right choice to maximise your sailing charter vacation

Crewed Charter

A crewed sailing charter vacation is the most luxurious and comfortable way of exploring your chosen destination. Our professional, experienced yacht crew are full of charisma and here to ensure that you experience the sailing trip of a lifetime whilst taking care of all responsibilities onboard your private
yacht. Overseeing every aspect of your trip from sailing, navigation, provisioning, food and beverage preparation, cleaning, refueling, mooring, docking, plus loads more! Your yacht crew will work extremely hard and around the clock to meet your expectations. Offering a variety of water-sports equipment onboard – there will never be a dull moment! As with a captain only charter, a luxury crewed sailing charter presents you with
the opportunity to learn about sailing at your own pace and you also have the added advantage of customising your sailing itinerary whilst making the most of your crew’s valuable knowledge of the destination. Your crew sleeps within separate crew quarters of the yacht ensuring all guests (and crew!) maintain privacy and space.

Captain only Charter

A captain only charter eliminates the need of you having a previous sailing experience like a bareboat charter would and allows you the freedom to cook meals for yourselves unlike a crewed charter option. Your captain will be more than happy to ‘show you the ropes’ during your trip if you’re keen to learn about sailing, providing you with the advantage of having an experienced professional onboard who will share their valid knowledge of the local destination and the surrounding sailing hot spots! Your captain takes care of all things sailing which allows you free time to focus on other things such as relaxing and having a good time! Caribbean Sailing Vacations provides charter captains not only based on their experience and professionalism but those that possess first class social skills and an abundance of local knowledge too!

Bareboat Charter

Avid sailors, experienced sailors, you call all the shots whilst out on the water. A bareboat charter provides you with the opportunity to captain your own private yacht and in terms of privacy, it doesn’t get more private than this – just you, your fellow travelers and the beautiful scenery! You will be in full control of customising your sailing itinerary (with guidance from Caribbean Sailing Vacations of course), sailing the yacht, navigational charting, mooring, docking, food and beverage preparation, cleaning and refueling. The responsibilities that
come with a bareboat charter can keep your hands full from time to time, you need to be willing to get stuck in and fully embrace the sailing adventure.

Cabin Charter

The cabin charter option is the most sociable charter option if you’re keen to share your experience with other like-minded couples or individuals. We strategically place our guests with other guests who share similar preferences and expectations. A cabin charter is an excellent option if you want to experience a
sailing trip but do not have a big enough group to occupy a yacht or if you prefer to share your experience with others and most likely make friends along the way. Just like a luxury crewed charter option, your crew of a captain and chef/stew onboard, will take care of all aspects of your trip, from sailing to food and beverage preparation amongst much more, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your vacation.

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